Monday, February 19, 2018
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Traditional panels with Tilt & Turn window.


Traditional panels with opening or “Tilt & Turn” window are produced in sizes 90X210 cm or 105x230cm (upon request) and meet such specifications that make them resistant to all types of weather conditions (-30oC to 120oC) ensuring  high sound and heat insulation.


They are manufactured from heavy duty aluminium sheet with additional decorative elements made from aluminium profiles,  thus ensuring the creation of a unique aesthetic of  traditional style panel.


The panels with “Tilt & Turn” window function are manufactured:


a) with traditional decoration.

b) without traditional decoration.


They are available in a vast variety of RAL colours, Rafaello, Wood imitation textures (Decoral System) and SAMPLE.


*All models are sold with any of your own glazing options.


1. Decorative elements are made from aluminium profiles

2. Frames are made from aluminium profiles

3. Frames are made from aluminium profiles or Pressed-stamped


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